As an exclusive solution provider network for a low carbon future, Climate Club is a place to…

  • Discover the latest innovations
  • Be part of an exclusive network of leaders
  • Share experiences
  • Meet worldwide experts and visionaries
  • Foster synergies to boost innovation

Why now?

Climate change requires us to take action and is now a key issue in business talks:

  • The cost & risk of climate change is real
  • Social issues directly affect the economy
  • Politics need support from experts and businesses
  • Climate change is a chance to innovate
  • Different sectors face common challenges

What is in?

2 Steering committee meetings

  • Co-founders define agenda
  • Partners participate in discussions (selection of research topics, etc.)
  • External experts’ panel validates expert work and editorial content

7 events

  • 5 climate breakfasts on climate Issues (topics defined by Steering Committee Partners)
  • 1 Climate Innovation Day to share visions, stay up-to-date and meet C-Suite Executives
  • 2 Climate Leaders VIP Diners for Partners, C-Suite Executives & international experts

150 days of EcoAct’s experts work

  • 2 research topics defined by steering committee
  • 100% free: full access to Executive Summary (Climate Club branded)
  • Co-founders & Partners: full access to detailed & confidential experts’ work


  • 2 white papers to push common positions in the market
  • 2 technical reports in line with events’ outcomes and dedicated work from key experts
  • 2 press kits and several press releases

Research topics

An open approach

Co-founders and Partners attend the Steering Committee meetings. This Steering Committee analyses options and defines the Club’s priorities and approach to meet Climate Club’s expectations. The secondary topics are then listed for intelligence gathering.

Ongoing topics

  • Climate Change Risk Assessment
  • Internal Carbon Price
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Environmental Footprint and Decarbonisation of Asset Portfolios
  • ROI of Climate Strategies
  • Insetting and Climate Neutral Supply Chains
  • Green bonds
  • Science Based Target integration

Our roadmap to success

2017 Roadmap

Our experts

Thierry Fornas
Gérald Maradan
Sylvianne Villaudiere
Meinrad Bürer
Arnaud Dore
Fanny Guezennec
Alexander Murillo
Arianna De Toni, Phd
Véronique Mariotti, Phd
William Theisen
Renaud Le Chatelier
Lara Lestrade
Jérôme Beilin
Sabrina Giorgi
Marion Eynius
Alice Deda

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Climate Club is an EcoAct initiative

EcoAct is an independent group of experts providing solutions for business decarbonization.

As a low carbon project developer, EcoAct takes sustainable action to improve livelihoods and protect biodiversity. Recognized as a worldwide pioneer in climate change mitigation since 2005, EcoAct also helps major companies and intergovernmental authorities on carbon strategies and energy efficiency. Discover more.

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