EcoAct Group provides companies and territories with unique expertise in planning for and implementing positive change in response to climate change.

Driven by shared values, our experts have been developing mitigation and adaptation strategies on a global level for over 10 years. With their help, leaders are making climate a key lever for performance and innovation.

EcoAct achieves this by bringing together 3 areas of expertise:

  • strategic guidance: auditing, decrypting, prospecting, network coordination, defining and implementing road maps, etc.
  • data modelling and analysis (smart data): defining indicators, aggregation, comparative scenarios and projections, etc.
  • project design and management: change management, mitigation, adaptation and offsetting measures, testing and developing projects in the field, etc.


European Space Agency




Thierry Fornas
Gérald Maradan
Sylvianne Villaudiere
Véronique Mariotti
Fanny Guezennec
Arianna De Toni
William Theisen
Arnaud Dore
Lara Lestrade
Renaud Le Chatelier
Jérôme Beilin
Sabrina Giorgi
Marion Eynius
Alice Deda
Alexander Murillo

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