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L’évaporation pourrait être une nouvelle source d’énergie renouvelable

L’évaporation naturelle pourrait être une source d’énergie renouvelable au potentiel aussi élevé que le solaire ou l’éolien, selon une étude américaine publiée dans la revue Nature.

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Wind power is now cheaper than nuclear – the energy revolution is happening | John Sauven

Government policy means the cost of offshore wind energy has halved. The benefits to the UK will be enormous, says John Sauven, director of Greenpeace

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EU to aim for 100% emission cuts in new ‘mid-century roadmap’

EXCLUSIVE / The European Commission is preparing an update of its low-carbon economy roadmap for 2050, acknowledging that the bloc’s current target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions at least 80% by mid-century are insufficient, EURACTIV.com has learned.

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Environmentalists find renewed hope in ‘industrial’ CCS

Considered almost dead and buried a few years ago, carbon capture and storage (CCS) is enjoying renewed support among environmentalists, providing fresh hopes that the much decried technology may finally be coming of age and play its part in the fight against climate change.

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Three years to safeguard our climate

Christiana Figueres and colleagues set out a six-point plan for turning the tide of the world’s carbon dioxide by 2020.

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Banks should disclose lending to companies with carbon-related risks, says report

International climate task force says companies should disclose all of their direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions

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U.S. Mayors Back 100% Renewable Energy, Vow to Fill Climate Leadership Void

The U.S. Conference of Mayors also voted to support quick electrification of vehicles and called on Congress to back the Clean Power Plan and Paris climate agreement.

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Hulot défend un objectif “neutralité carbone” en 2050 pour la France

Nicolas Hulot souhaite que la France vise "la neutralité carbone à l'horizon 2050" au nom de la lutte contre le réchauffement, objectif plus ambitieux que celui actuellement retenu par le pays, selon la "feuille de route" du ministre consultée par le journal Le Monde. 

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Macron launches environmental counter-initiative to Trump’s COP 21 snub

French President Emmanuel Macron will take a "World Pact for the Environment" to the UN in September

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Future Energy: China leads world in solar power production

China consumes more electricity than any other country but is also the world's biggest solar energy producer.

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