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EcoAct is an independent group of experts providing solutions for business decarbonization.

As a low carbon project developer, EcoAct takes sustainable action to improve livelihoods and protect biodiversity. Recognized as a worldwide pioneer in climate change mitigation since 2005, EcoAct also helps major companies and intergovernmental authorities on carbon strategies and energy efficiency.
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Climate Club, the next step after Cap COP21

In 2015, EcoAct launched the Cap COP21 project to promote climate action and innovation.

Through 5 events, more than 1,000 subscribers and attendees were brought together to find solutions for the planet, in the heart of Paris and for COP21. Artists, entrepreneurs, NGOs, projects owners, territories, small and big companies, politicians, scientists, designers and committed citizens made all year long Cap COP21 a success.

The COP21 Paris agreement and Cap COP21 member reactions showed us we had to go further with our initiative in order to find concrete solutions in collaboration with positive and committed people. Since climate change requires short term and ambitious action, we decided to launch the Climate Club, an exclusive place to share and build a better future together.


With Cap COP21, we shared and discovered inspiring innovations.

Climate Club goes one step further to empower people to act together, find synergies and give concrete responses to the points requiring more clarity  at COP21.

That’s why we plan to invest more than 1,200 hours of experts work in the first version of Climate Club.

At Climate Club, we do things that really count, being…

  • Concrete
  • Collaborative
  • Committed
  • for the Climate

That’s what we call the «4C» at Climate Club.

April, 9th 2015 Business and Climate Change: what innovations can combat the crisis?

An exclusive and international panel conference as a kick of Cap COP21 Speakers:

  • Marie-Christine Korniloff, WWF
  • Nicolas Imbert, Green Cross France and Territories
  • Dirk Forrister, International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)
  • Sophie-Noëlle Nemo, La Poste Group
  • Olivier Guichardon, Sequana Group

June, 23rd 2015 Climate Innovation Day

Climate Talks and workphops to bring people together and build. Speakers:

  • Prince EA, spoken word artist
  • Jean Jouzel, IPCC (former)
  • Marion Verles, The Gold Standard Foundation
  • Dr. Ralph Westermann, UPM
  • Joseph Mwakima WAROMBO, Wildlife Works
  • Daphné de Kermoal, DPD Group
  • Damien Boyer, Nash Tec
  • Myriam Maestroni, Economie d’Energie
  • Niels Peter Flint, NPFlint Consultancy

September, 28th 2015 Climate change, territories and low carbon economy

An international panel conference and a visit of an innovative showroom on cleantech. Speakers:

  • Didier Mamma, SAP
  • Richard Pancost, Cabot Institute
  • Etienne Lengereau, La Poste Group
  • Cécile Maisonneuve, La Fabrique de la Cité
  • Thierry Fornas, EcoAct

October 29th, 2015 Presentation of the final delivery

Panel conference at the European Space Agency’s French headquarters to present “Cap(able)?: 10 solutions for the planet”.

Get the full version of the report here.

… And during COP21, Paris

More than 10 panel conferences in Le grand Palais, at Le Bourget – where the official negotiations took place, and other places in Paris.

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